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At HumaBit HR we believe, technology provides the unique opportunity to redefine our world for better.

HR departments of modern businesses have become process-driven ‘machines’ that can’t help but treat people like ‘assets’ rather than unique beings that require personalized attention and there we believe technology will leave great room for personalization, flexibility and creativity.

Tech in HR is not about having machines deliver standardized reliable services, which is what most recent HR systems have achieved.

It is about making HR fit for the age of personalization!

HumaBit will help HR be less 'resources' and more human.

More Human
Less Resources

The most valuable resource of many organizations is the human factor — people employed within them.


We are at the beginning of a major transition in the relationship between companies and individual worker, reorientation toward personalized employee experience, where the lifecycle of the employee moves front and center. 

HumaBit HR helps you to focus more on the human site of HR

More Human
Less Resources




Why spend time on administrative tasks when you can spend time on growing your profit?

HumaBit HR will analyse all the administrative aspects of personnel matters and optimize with latest solutions. Our wide range of experience and many years of practical application make us the right partner for all your needs – cost effective and efficient.

Start Up



HumaBit HR will help your startup develop a scalable HR strategy and an HR infrastructure that will allow you to manage growth,
attract and retain top talent, motivate, minimize risk, and satisfy legal and regulatory requirements.




It might seem like a simple, straightforward process. You just need to calculate your employees’ hours and send out their paychecks, right?

In reality, there’s a lot more to it. From payroll taxes and wage policies to remitting to the IRS, the process is not as simple as it seems. Things can quickly get complicated. 

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